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Welcome to Pandemic - your future starts here.

Jobsworth / May 09, 2015
Hi, a big welcome to you all. Here at Pandemic we value Teamwork, Loyalty and Respect. There are no strangers here, only friends who have not yet met. We raid 3 times a week which are Wednesday, Friday and Sunday starting at 20:30 server time and finishing up around 23:30. Alt runs / trial raids when time allows, usually Thursday and Saturday. We have no room here for bad attitudes or pro gamer elitists who think they are better than anyone else.
I (Shumai in game) started Pandemic during the awesome lich king era and have been the GL from day 1. Nothing is more important than keeping the guild alive, it's a hard thankless task but I do it with pride. All I as in return is that you follow these guidelines.
1. Be respectful and friendly at all times
2. Guild repairs are for guild raids only, not to be used for your daily activities
3. If you sign accepted for a raid and do not show twice in one week without letting me or an officer know why you will be demoted from raider and therefore loose guild repairs. You will be promoted to raider when your attendance improves.
4. If you are in the main raid team and feel the need to pug. Wait until the last guild raid has ended (Sunday)
5. Gems and Enchants are in the game for a reason, use them. Low gems and enchants are acceptable in 670 gear. 685+ the use the highest possible.
6. Mumble is required for all raids. No mumble = No raid.

There it's not much to ask of you now is it.
We will be using warcraft logs for all raid reports which will be made public at some point.
I look forward to welcoming you to our in game family which we call Pandemic. Feel free to contact me in game, Shumai is my main, our officers are Wabbitkiller, Shael and Memora. If not online ask anyone in the guild where we are and they will point you to us.
Individually we are but a drop, together we form an ocean....
Thanks for reading, see you on the realms.


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